AS - McL Click and Drag game ! (english/francais)


Wait for the gifs to fully load ! they are suppose to be very fast!
Laissez les gifs charger, ils sont censés être très rapides !






English :
I made a click and drag game with AS characters xDDD

If you dont know how it works:
As the name says, just click( and…

Your Best Friend: The principal (*looks around at everyone for help*)
Your Worst Enemy: Alexy (B-B-B-BUT D: )
Your Seduction Weapon: Food
Has a Crush on You: Dajan.
Your First Kiss: Lysander (*runs from Renier* SORRY!)
Your Boyfriend: Boris (O_O!)
His Gift to You: A console
Wants to Steal Him From You: Iris (O_O)
Your Lovedovy Holiday Trip: Lost Island (SEND HELP)


pureblood oni
allies with the shinsengumi
hated by okita
saitou has a crush on me
lover is hijikata
we survived and lived peacefully after the war

Race: Half Oni Demon.
Alliance: Choshu D:
Hates you: Hijikata (Oh shit…)
Crush on you: Nagakura (Oh dear xD)
Lover: Sannan (WOOT)
Fate: You contributed to many battles but perished before the war ended. (Well fuck you too.)

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