New Easter Event (coming very soon onto MCL, but a preview from SC)…

Starting from April 18-25:

  • Find a rabbit that will appear at the bottom of your browser (does not work on the app), guess which hole, and find one piece of clothing if guessed correctly.
  • My guess: For each day you can find one piece of clothing. At the end of the week, if you manage to find all the clothing pieces, you’ll get a bonus item(s), which is usually the wig and/or one other item. The boutique will open, where you can complete the Easter outfit, or buy new ones.

I’m already dreading it.

Lemme just add a suggestion. I suggest that you people save your money, AND AP. There will probably be a shop or something at the end for you to buy what you didn’t get. It’s just a guess, but you never know, and we know those prices aren’t like, a dollar or one ap, they are like, $95.00 for a shirt or 80 AP for gloves. (Just as an example).

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